Takeo Kamiya's Art Activity in his School Days

Sketch     Sketch
Pencil sketches of high school girls

Dessin     Dessin
Charcoal dessins of Hermes & Parthenon's Venus

Dessin     Dessin
Charcoal Dessins of a Torso & Laocoon


Charcoal dessin of a gypsum statue: Ariadne

Oil     Oil
Oil Paintings, one day like Courbet, one day like Renoir,

Oil     Oil
and one day like Dali____________________a girl

Graphic     Graphic
Graphic Design: Images of Books

Water     Water
Water colors: a Buddhist temple & a Christian Church

Water     Water
Water colors: Girls

Oil     Dessin
A sole oil painting & dessin in the University days: Self & Michelangelo


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