<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>000^{e.sv2 NWS000h0]0n0^{0\0^y7fk+Y0\0</TITLE> <META name="keywords" content="000, ^{, S, e.s, ^y7fk+Y"> <META name="description" content=" 0000^{0e.sv2c n00N WS000h0]0n0^{"> <META name="robots" content="index, follow"> <META name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <STYLE>P{line-height:180%;}</STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFE" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"> <font face="0000"><BR> <CENTER><font face="book antiqua" color="#800000" size=3>N. ARCHITECTURE IN THE SOUTH INDIA</font><P> <TABLE border="4" bgcolor=#FBFEFB bordercolor="#555555"> <TD width=60 height=60 align="center"><font size=6 face="arial"><B>N</B></font></TD> <TD width=340 align="center"><font size=5 face="HGPz|oxE">WS000h0 ]0n0^{</font></TD></TABLE><P> <font size=2>^y7fk+Y</font><P> <A href="xbidar.htm"><IMG src="bida.jpg" border="1" alt="G. Yazdani"></A> <BR> <font face="Century gothic" color="#707000" size=2>"Bidar, its History and Monuments"</font></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A>00000<A href="../o_guide/guide.htm">NEXT</B></font></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <font face="Times New Roman"> <CENTER><TABLE><TD width=580><P><font size=2> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>WS000</B> ;NLutkSn0e= : \f0BW0uN}, 1999, q\]QHr>y, A5-210pp. 2,800yen. <BR> e 000000+T0WS000n0tkSn0ih0 T0Wn0SHhQn0NibK00j000'YQg!kk000000Qw0J[k0?ceQY000</font> <P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000n0NLu</B> ;000eQ II = : \f}, 1994, qgN'Yf[QHrO, 19cm-470pp. 3,900yen. <BR> e 00000h0D0F0I000000k0 32Nn0f[L0WF{Y00 WS000n0eSn0v0 A-2 n0YY}0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HISTORY AND SOCIETY IN SOUTH INDIA, The Cholas to Vijayanagar</B>* : Noboru Karashima, 2001, Ominibus Edition of 'South Indian History and Society' (1984) & 'Towards a New Fomation' (1992) , Oxford University Press, 22cm-260+320pp. import 3,200yen.<BR> e <font size=2>\fln0wt^k00_00xe㉭h0000000㉐g00h0k0W0_00WS000n0-NN>yOSxvz֊Ɩ0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LISTS OF THE ANTIQUARIAN REMAINS IN THE PRESIDENCY OF MADRAS, vol 1</B> [New Imperial Series 7.] : Robert Wewell (ed.), 1882, Reprint 1998, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-430pp. 1,000yen.<BR> e <font size=2>WS000n0{0|0hQSO0+T0`0 0000{:Sk0J0Q00Szn0}vj00000000 0h0o0S@\WS萵00001XJTfn0,{ 3]0 VHrj0W00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SOUTH INDIAN  MEGALITHIC BURIALS, The Pandukal Complex</B>* : Lawrence S. Lesh-nik, 1974, Franz Steiner Verlag GmbH Wiesbaden, 29cm- 336pp. antique 1,200yen.<BR> e <font size=2>WS000n0]weSBfNn00W NWlTn0Sxvz0 Ypen0?cV0D0000000Qw 160000NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MONUMENTAL REMAINS OF THE DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY IN THE PRESIDENCY O MADRAS</B> [New Imperial Series 25.] : Alexander Rea, 1897, Reprint 1995, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-150pp. 540yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Sg@\n0WS萵0000k00000000{:Sk0J0Q00 00000n0qg000O>yn0z@W0zirn0g1XJTf0 0000VHr 63I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE AND ART OF SOUTHERN INDIA, Vijayanagara and the Successor States</B>* [The New Cambridge History of India I - 6.] : George Michell, 1995, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, B5-320pp. import 12,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000e0000L0]00~0g0n0xvz0Ɩ'YbW0_0000000000gh00000gBfNn0 WS000n0^{h0Sn0}Tvxvz0 0000Qw 200g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE AND ART OF THE DECCAN SULTANATES</B>* [The New Cambridge History of India I-7.] : George Michell and Mark Zebrowski, 1999, Cambridge University Press, Cam-bridge, B5-330pp. import 9,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2> Ncfn0YY}g00-N000K00WS000k0~0_0L000000Wen0 0000gn0^{0 Je0000L00S00000000L0fO00 0000VHr 200pk00So0000 160000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PANORAMA OF JAIN ART, South India</B> : C. Sivaramamurti, 1983, Times of India, New Delhi, B4-370pp. import 10,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000hQSOk0R^Y000000YeS0 Qwg09}NY00'Yn0f0 000J00s00000Qw 560g0J0U0000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LIVING WOOD, Sculptural Traditions of Southern India</B> : George Michell (ed.), 1992, Marg Publications, Bombay, B4-210pp. 3,400yen. import 6,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000n0^{0k_;Rk0J0Q00 (gn0 b_n0xvzh0j0Qw0 1992t^k00000]0n0Ng0PU00_0 T Tn0U\On0V20NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE, The Deccan 1347 - 1686</B>* : Elizabeth Schotten Merklinger, 1981, Aris &amp; Phillips, Warminster Oxford &amp; IBH Publishing, New Delhi, A4-160pp. 1,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0sYAmSS[k000 0000Wen000000^{n0}vj00000S0 Npe 170p00000Qw 185g0s^bV 34I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ISLAMIC HERITAGE OF THE DECAN</B> : George Michell (ed.), 1986, Marg Publications, Bombay, B4-130pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000ؚSn000000sV 00000000000000000000000000000000 n0^{h0S0 J[j0VHrk00c0f09}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUSLIM ARCHITECTURE OF SOUTH INDIA</B>, The Sultanate of Ma bar and the Tradi-tions of the Maritime Settlers on the Malabar and Coromandel Coasts (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa) : Mahrdad Shokoohy, 2003, Routledge Curzon, London, 30.5cm-340pp. import 16,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000n000000h0D0H0p0 000000]n00W0D0^{0`D0nmK0y0L0a0`0L00,gfo00000]J00s00000000]n00B0~00w00j0D000000^{0gW0_0impj0xvzfg0B000 Qwo0Y0y0f00000`0L00VbL0J[k0?ceQU00f0D000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>ANDHRA PRADESH</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FORTS OF ANDHRA PRADESH</B>*, From the Earliest Times upto 16th century A.D. : N.S. Ramachandra Murthy, 1996, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, Delhi, A4-380pp. import 8,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>f[MO֊e00h0k0fK00_0 000000Wen0W^X^{n0s0}j0xvz0 D0O0d0K0n0W^Xn000000e000k0o0 0000Vb0mH000 0000Qw 360000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SOUTH INDIAN BUDDHIST ANTIQUITIES</B> [New Imperial Series 15.] : Alexander Rea, 1894, Reprint 1997, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-110pp. 600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000000]Sqgk0B00 NYe00000zn0g1XJTf0 0000Qwh0[,nVb 47I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPLES OF TELINGANA</B> : M. Radhakrishna Sarma, 1972, munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, New Delhi, 29cm-410pp. 2,650yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000Weh0|Tp00000000000000]S 0000WW n0[bxvz0 T^n0ih00^{0k_;Rn0s֊k0 0000Qwh0Y\n0Vb 760000NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GOLCONDA AND HYDERABAD</B> : Shehbaz H. Safrani (ed.), 1992, Marg Publications, Bombay, B4-150pp. 3,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000h000000k0J0Q00 -NNn0Sh0^{0h000Q0[^S0 J[j0VHrh0h00k09}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HYDERABAD 400 Years (1591- 1991) </B> : Raza Alikhan, 1991, Zenith Services, Hyderabad, A4-300pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000^n0 400t^n0tkSh0eS0 00000k09}NY00 Wvj0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>NAGARJUNAKONDA</B> : H. Sarkar, B.N. Misra, 3rd ed.,1987, 21.5cm-100pp. 5Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>00k04llY00S0h0k0j0c0_000000000000zn001954t^K00 1960t^k0K0Q0f0n0zvcg20 S@\k000\QP[0000n0 1Q0 0WVd0M00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE BUDDHIST ART OF N&Acirc;G&Acirc;RJUNAKONDA</B> [Buddhist Tradition Series 25.] : Elizabeth Rosen Stone, 1994, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, A4-310pp. import 2,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0SS[k000 00000000000n0zh0zvcTn0xvz0 0000Qw 280I0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE TEMPLES AT PALAMPET</B> [Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India 6.] : Ghulam Yazdani, 1922, Superintendent Government Printing, B4-30pp. antique 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>S@\k00000000000n000000[bh0 hTVn0^irn0g1XJTf0 s^bVh00000Qw 17I0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RAMAPPA AND OTHER TEMPLES AT PALAMPET</B> : 1953, The Director of Archaeology, Government of Hyderabad, B5-30pp. antique 170yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000n000000[bh0 ]0n0xek0d0D0f0n01XJTn0\QP[0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AMARAVATI</B> : H. Sarkar, S.P. Nainar, 1992, 21.5cm-50pp. 10Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>000000000n0NYezh0 s0Wn0ZSir(n0HhQf0 S@\k000\QP[0000n01Q0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE BUDDHIST STUPAS OF AMARAVATI AND JAGGAYYAPETA</B> [New Imperial Se-ries 6.] : James Burgess, 1886, Reprint 1996, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-260pp. 1,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000L0sD00S@\WS萵0000n0,{ 2!k1XJTfo0 000000000h000000000n0NYe000000qbF00 0000Qw0[,nVb0xen0VHr0 1200000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>NOTES ON THE AMARAVATI STUPA</B> : James Burgess, 1882, Reprint 1972, Prithivi Prakashan, Varanasi, 29cm-80pp. antique 650yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000000n000000k0d0D0f0n0000k0 0000VHr 170000 SxQ Ns0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AMARAVATI SCULPTURES IN THE MADRAS GOVERNMENT MUSEUM</B> [Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum, General Section 4.] : C. Sivaramamurti, 1942, Madras Government Press, 28cm-520pp. 5,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Vz0000ZSir(k0S5Y00 Ypen0000000000k_;Rh0QWTn0s0}j0xvzh000000 };u 13000k00000Qw 520000 ]+gk0 F.H. Gravelyn0 AN OUTLINE OF INDIAN TEMPLE ARCHITECTUR, 1950 0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AMARAVATI, Buddhist Sculpture form the Great Stupa</B> : Robert Knox, 1992, British Mu-seum, London, 28cm-260pp. 8,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>'YZSir(n0@b5k0j00000000000000000n00000k_;Rn0000V20|Qm0_0xvzf0</font><P> ->0<font size=2>M-18.0TREE AND SERPENT WORSHIP : James Fergusson, 1868</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE SIMHACHALAM TEMPLE</B> : K. Sundaram, 1969, Simhachalam Devasthanam, B5-380pp. antique 600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000n0[bn0 tkSh0^{0>yOvasTn0}Tvxvz0 0000Qw 31g0MnV0s^bV0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ENTRE ALAMPUR ET SRISAILAM</B>*, Recherches archaeologiques en Andhra Pradesh [Publications de l'Institut Fran&ccedil;ais d'Indologie 67-1, 2] : Bruno Dagens, 1984, Institut Fran&ccedil;ais d'Indologie, Pondichery, 2vols. (text and plates) B5-710pp.+ 410pp. antique 1set 15,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000h0000000000hTn0 S[bh0k_;R0}vk0gW0_0,g0 0000Qw 920g0[,nV 20I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ALAMPUR, A Study in Early Chalukyan Art</B> : P.R. Ramachandra Rao, 1977, Akshara, Hyderabad, B4-100pp. <BR> e <font size=2> 000000 9[bc h0|Tp000 000000n00000[bn0s0}j0xvzfk0050000n00000Qw0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>VIJAYANAGARA TEMPLES AT T&Acirc;DPATRI</B>, an Art-Historical Study : V. Jayaprada, 1998, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, Delhi, A4-220pp. 4,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000k0k000000000gn0 2d0n0'Y[b000000000000[bh0 000000000[bn0xvz0 0000Qw 560000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE HILL-SHRINE OF VENGADAM</B>, Art, Architecture and &Acirc;gama of Tirumala Temple : S. K. Ramachandra Rao, 1993, Kalpatharu Research Academy, Bangalore, B5-330pp. import 2,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000n0 g Tj00000V0Wn0 00000h0000000n0[bn0xvz0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>KARNATAKA</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPLES OF KARNATAK (Ground Plans and Elevations)</B> : K.M. Suresh, 2003, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, Delhi, 2vols, 28cm-670pp. 1set 11,000yen. <BR> e I ordered this book according to its title, but I found it too absurd to be so expensive after the economic development of India. The level of this publication is just the same as silly Indian books of 30 years ago, although which were ten times cheaper. <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EARLY TEMPLE ARCHITECTURE IN KARNATAKA AND ITS RAMIFICATIONS</B> [Reserch Lectures, New Series 1.] : K.V. Soundara Rajan, 1969, Karnatak University, Dharwar, A5-110pp. antique 300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000Wen0Rgn0[b^{k0d0D0f00000000'Yf[n00000xvz@bg0L00_02k0 0000Qw 22Ih00WV 2I0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CHALUKYAN ARCHITECTURE</B>, Including Examples from the Ballari District, Madras Presidency [New Imperial Series 21.] : Alexander Rea, 1896, Reprint 1995, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-160pp. 1,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Sg@\WS萵0000k000 00000[bn0g1XJTf0 Qwo0j0D0L00114I0n0[,nV0S2W0f0͑0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE CH&Acirc;LUKYAN ARCHITECTURE OF THE KANARESE DISTRICTS</B> [Imperial Series 42.] : Henry Cousens, 1926, Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India, Culcutta, 33cm-340pp. antique 18,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000k000S@\n0'Yj0g1XJTfn0 1Qg00000000]n000000gBfNn0 0-NWc n0[b^{0qbF0'Yn0f0 [,nV 70IS20 00000^{0w0 Ng0 kK0[0j0D0͑,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>C&Acirc;LUKYA ARCHITECTURE</B> * : Gerard Foekema, 2003, Munshiram Manoharlal Pub-lishers, New Delihi, 3vols. (text and plates), 28.5cm-790pp, 600pp, 580pp, . 1set 23,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0f[k000011^14N}k0000000]SJSRg0hH0_0000000gn0[b^{n00}v[0Wgn020 228n000000000000k0&Ny00,{1]g0㉬00,{ 2d3]g0} 1,400gn00000Qw0000'Yn0'YM0U0g0S2W0_0͑j0njeƖ0 0WV 150000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN TEMPLE ARCHITECTURE, Form and Tansformation, The Karn&acirc;ta Dr&acirc;vida Tradition</B> 7th to 13th Centuries* : Adam Hardy, 1995, Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, A4-810pp. import 15,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Wo00000000Wek0J0Q00-NWn0[b^{0 000000e000000Wc h0|Ts00]0n0zvuK00bq~0g00s0}k0iY000 ^{Qn0Wk000 b_KaRgn000000 218000k00_0c0f0U\W000000Qw 158I0NY00 Vz00000e00000S0000n0TSRg0QHr0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BIDAR, Its History and Monuments</B> : G. Yazdani, 1947, Oxford University Press, London, A4-520pp. antique 21,000yen. <A href="xbidar.htm">(sample page)</A><BR> e <font size=2>0000L0 30t^n0skg0K0Q0_0xvz0[,n0zvck000 0000n0^{n0}Tvj0g1XJTf0 0000Qw 200g0[,nV 30I Q000 9I 0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FIRUZABAD, Palace City of the Deccan</B> [Oxford Studies in Islamic Art VIII.] : George Michell & Richard Eaton, 1992, Oxford University Press, Oxford, B5-100pp. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n0WSk0B00015N}n00000000000n0zn0 zvcg20 0000Qw 70p0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>B&Icirc;J&Acirc;P&Ucirc;R AND ITS ARCHITECTURAL REMAINS</B> with an Historical Outline of the Adil Shahi Dynasty [Imperial Series 37.] : Henry Cousens, 1916, Archaeological Survey of India, Government of India, Bombay, 33cm-380pp. antique 21,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>NK00 80t^MRn0Sg@\k000 000000n0^{z#u0}W0_0s0}j01XJTf0 0000Qwn0{0K0k0, YO0n0[,nVL0͑g0B000 S^{k0juS0u0c0_0z0WVd0M00</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xbijapur.htm"><IMG src="bijapu.jpg" border="1" alt="Bijapur and its Architectural Remains"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART OF THE COURT OF BIJAPUR</B> [Contemporary Indian Studies] : Deborah Hutton, 2006, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 26cm-260pp. 4,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n0[^k0J0Q00u};uh0^{n0xvzf`0L001635t^~0g00qbF0n0g0 0000000j0i0o0dYW0f0D000 000VHr 240000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE IN DHARWAR AND MYSORE</B> : Meadows Taylor and James Fergusson, 1866, London, Historical and Descriptive Memoir, 1989, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 1989, 37cm-40pp. antique 1,100yen. <font size=2>0000n0tkSSRn00n0_;RHr </font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>FIRST SEASON S OPERATIONS IN THE BELGAM AND KALADGI DISTRICTS</B> [New Imperial Series 1.] : Javes Burgess, 1874, Reprint 1997, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, 27cm-110pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000000k0000000000]Sn0 -NNn0[b^{n0gRn0g1XJTf0 0000Qw0[,nVb0xe0 56000 [0f0͑0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>IN PRAISE OF AIHOLE, BADAMI, MAHAKUTA, PATTADAKAL</B> : 1980, Marg Publications, Bombay, B4-130pp. import 12,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>-NNn0000^{zveyn00W 00000e 00000e 000000e 000000n0^{h0S0 J[j0VHr0(uD0f0iY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF AIHOLE</B> : R.S. Gupte, 1967, D.B. Taraporevala Sons &amp; Co., Bombay, A4-210pp. 700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n0[b^{h0]0n0k_;Rn0xvzf0 T[bn0s^bVh0 0000Qw 140g0mH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE DURGA TEMPLE AT AIHOLE, A Historiographical Study</B>* : Gary Michael Tartakov, 1997, Oxford University Press, Delhi, B5-240pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n00000[bk0W0f0N~0g0k0fK00_0tkS[_0a0n00NiW0j0L000MRg00000g0NhY00S0n0[bn0P}֊0QY00 0000Qw 900000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PATTADAKAL</B> [Monumental legacy] : George Michell, 2003, Oxford University Press, 22cm-110pp. 1,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0^{z#u0000n0 1Qg00*00000k000000000n0[bn000000j0if0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>IMAGINING ARCHITECTS, Creativity in the Religious Monuments of India</B>* : Ajay J. Sinha, 2000, University of Delaware Press, Newark, A4-210pp. import 9,450yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Se.sg0 000000_c h0|Tp000 11N}0000000Wen0[b^{0-N_k0W0f00000^{n0yrꌒ0cBlY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A FORGOTTEN EMPIRE, VIJAYANAGAR</B> : Rovert Sewell, 1900, London, reprint 1988, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, A5-430pp. 450yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000sVk0d0D0f0gRk0fK00_0tkS0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000000sV</B> ;'Y*wmBfNSf a!-5.= : 00000e000, 00000e00000\mSCNNĖ3, ͑~g8OSl, 1984, \lf^, A5-520pp. 5,800yen. <BR> e 16N}MRJSk0MR_W0f0000000000*0_0 2Nn000000Nk000[0 yrk0000o0 [b0s[n0^{k0d0D0f0͑j020kW0f0D000 G-30n0 0000^Vch0uOQ0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HAMPI</B> : D. Devakunjari, 3rd ed. 1992, 21.5cm-80pp. 12Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>^'Yj0000 00000000 n0zn0!|Toj0HhQf0 0WVd0M00 ?e^S@\n0\QP[0000n0 1Q0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HAMPI</B> [Monumental Legacy] : Anila Verghese, 2002, Oxford Univrsity Press, New Delhi, 22cm-95pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0^{z#u0000n0 1Qg00000n0^{z#u00gen0bg0v00g0!|Tok09}NW0f0D000 000Qw 4000n0{0K0VHro000000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HAMPI</B> : John M. Fritz & George Michell, 2003, India Book House, Mumbai, paperback 20cm-160pp. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000h0000000000k000 000n00000j0i0HhQf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>CITY OF VICTORY VIJAYANAGARA</B>, The Medieval Hindu Capital of Southern India : John M. Fritz and George Michell, 1991, Aperture Foundation, New York, 30.5 x 25cm-120pp. import 10,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000e000000n0W0D00000QwƖh0,geh0L0NSOh0j0c0f0 00000000n0zn0hQ0OH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HAMPI RUINS, Described and Illustrated</B> : A.H. 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ANDREW'S CHURCH</B>, Egmore, Madras : 22cm-30pp. 5Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n000000000000VXn0-0000000000L0 1821t^k0fD0_0wen0-e0Q2W0_0\QP[0 VXg0^W0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DRAVIDIAN ARCHITECTURE</B> : G. Jouveau-Dubreuil, 1917, Madras, Rep. 1987, Asian Educational Service, New Delhi, 22cm-50pp. 1,300yen.<BR> e <font size=2>1914t^k0L Archeologie de Sud de l Inde, vol. 1 h0W0f0QHrU00_0NHrn030 \Wj0L0000000i_n0yr_0fwk0y0_0SxQv TW0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PALLAVA ARCHITECTURE</B> [Archaeological Survey of India, New Imperial Series 34.] : Alexander Rea, 1909, Replrint 1995, Asian Educational Services, 29.5cm-190pp. 2,800yen.<BR> e <font size=2>S@\k00000000g^{n0 20N}R-n0g1XJTf0 ^{K00k_;Rk0Sv0'Yj0pen0[,nVL0͑0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PALLAVA ARCHITECTURE, Part III, The Later or Rajasimha Period</B> [Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India 40.] : A.H. 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Venkataraman, 1985, Mudgala Trust, Madras, B5-410pp. antique 1,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000k000 00000000n0'Y[bn0Ybvj0xvz0 @bk0};u0Qw 0000+T0 L0o0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TANJAVUR BRHAD&Icirc;SVARA, An Architectural Study</B>* : Pierre Pichard, 1995, Ecole Fran&ccedil;aise d'Extr&ecirc;me-Orient, Pondichery, B4-240pp. antique 6,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Vz00000e00000S0000n0TSRg0QHrU00_000000uiqgf[bk00000000000n0'Y[bn0 ek000xvzf0 [,nVh00000Qw0 ]00^00 50000Z0d0S2W0_0'YQ0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GANGAIKONDACHOLAPURAM, Vingt Ans apr&eacute;s Tanjavur</B> [ M&eacute;moires Arch&eacute;ologiques 20.] : Pierre Pichard, F. L'Hernault, F. Boudignon, et L.Thyagarajan, 1994, Ecole Fran&ccedil;aise d'Extr&ecirc;me-Orient, Paris, 2vols. (text and plates), B4-220pp.+190pp. import 1set 10,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000000000n0[b0 00000000h0[kW0j0L00s0}k0xvzW00J[j0[,nVh00000Qw0NW0_0 0000uiqgf[bn0QHr0 ,geo0Ne0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DARASURAM</B> [M&eacute;moires Arch&eacute;ologiques 16.] : Fran&ccedil;oise L'Hernault, 1987, Ecole Fran&ccedil;aise d'Extr&ecirc;me-Orient, Paris, 2vols. text of B4-190pp.and 38 folding drawings. import 1set 30,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000uiqgf[bn0gxvzo0 K0d0f0n0N000000;Nh0W0_0L00,gfo00000000n0[bn0O_]Nk04OF0 s0}j0g1XJTf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE KAMPAHARESVARA TEMPLE AT TRIBHUVANAM</B> : H. Sarkar, 1974, Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu, Madras, B5-100pp. 12Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>]?e^S@\k000 0000000n0[bn0g1XJTf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A PHRENOLOGIST AMONGST THE TODAS</B> or The Study of a Primitive Tribe in South India : William E. Marshall, 1873, Longmans, London, rep. 1989, Vintage Books, Gurgaon, 22cm-290pp. 1,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>g0eD0Bfgk0fK00_00Vn0N^f[k000 00en0tkS0yr_0ca0[Ye00[PQkW00NYY+Y0n0 xvzf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE TODAS</B> : W.H.R. Rivers, 1906, Macmillan, London, A5-850pp. antique 18,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000k0OO0 00en0eSN^f[gn0impj020 W.H.R. 00000k00c0f0NK00 100t^N N0MRk0Lj0000]0n0_n0Vk0J0Q00eSN^f[gn0Kb,gh0j0c0_00 ]0n0Izn0OOE\n0b_KaL0wz[bn0Yb_0`D0wS0U0[00L00^{vs0}o0cK00f0D0j0D00</font><P> <CENTER> <A href="xtoda.htm"><IMG src="../../17_world/05_todas/river_2.jpg" border="1" alt="The Todas"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE TODA OF SOUTH INDIA, A New Look</B>* : Anthony R. 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Vasudeva Poduval, 1970, Paico Publishing House, Cochin, Trivandrum, Madras, B5-230pp. 1,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>s0W1,000Q.0MRcfn09eHr0eW0D0] Tn00000]00000k0W00,ge0Ock0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GLIMPSES OF ARCHITECTURE IN KERALA, Temples and Palaces</B> : Ramu Katakam, Photo by Joginder Singh, 2006, 23.5 x 23.5cm-230pp. 3,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000]n0;Nj0(g [bn0000QwƖk0 !|XSj0㉬0d0Q0_00n00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPLE ARCHITECTURE IN KERALA</B> : K.V. Soundara Rajan, 1974, The Government of Kerala, Trivandrum, A5-240pp. 360yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000Wen0[b^{n0gRn0xvzf0 50n0[b0x0g0q}NW0_00000NY00 } 60gn0}vҞQwh0Vb 23I0d0Q000 0WVd0M00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AN ARCHITECTURAL SURVEY OF TEMPLES OF KERALA</B> [Architectural Survey of Temples 2.] : H. 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Jayashanker, 1999, Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala, 30cm-700pp. import 4,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>,{ 1Ɩo000000 w0qbD00000Qw 640000c 0 000000U00_0[bo0 0000000W:SL0 4450000000W:SL0 2940000000W:SL0 4440 1,183[b0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPLES OF KASARAGOD DISTRICT</B> [Census of India Special Studies - Kerala] : S. Jayashanker, 1999, Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala, 30cm-470pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>,{ 2Ɩo00000000 w0qbD00000Qw 560000c 0 000000U00_0[bo0 00000000W:SL0 262000000000W:SL0 3100 572[b0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPLES OF WAYANAD DISTRICT</B> [Census of India Special Studies - Kerala] : S. Jaya-shanker, 2002, Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala, 30cm-260pp. import 1,940yen. <BR> e <font size=2>,{ 3Ɩo000000 w0qbD00000Qw 400000c 0 000000U00_0[bo0000000000000W:SL0 9400000000W:SL0 113000000000W:SL0 1030 310[b0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TEMPELS OF KOZHIKKODE DISTRICT</B> [Census of India Special Studies - Kerala] : S. Jayashanker, 2002, Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala, 30cm-580pp. import 4,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>,{4Ɩo0000000 w0qbD00000Qw 800000c 0 000000U00_0[bo0000000W:SL0 1670000000000W:SL0 23300000000W:SL0 2850 685[b0 b0WV 3I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>K&Ucirc;TTAMPALAM &amp; K&Ucirc;TIY&Acirc;TTAM</B>, A Study of the traditional Theatre for the Sanskrit Drama of Kerala : Goverdhan Panchal, 1984, Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, A4-160pp. import 2,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000]n0Oq}vj0 0000000[YeR 00000000 0oX00 0000000k0d0D0f0n00/UNn0>yOeSSvxvz0 pS7Ro0`D0L00}vҞQwh0VbL0Ypec U00f0D0f0 gvg0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MATTANCHERRY PALACE</B> : Shivananda Venkatarao and Raman Namboodri, 1997, 22cm-60pp. 35Rs. <BR> e <font size=2>0000 00 n00000000[kn0!|Toj0HhQf0 X;un0000Qw 8I0 ?e^S@\k000\QP[0000n0 1Q0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PADMANABHAPURAM PALACE</B> : Department of Archiaeology, Government of Keral, Thiruvananthapuram, 26cm-30pp. 90yen<BR> e <font size=2>000000000[k s00000000] g0XW0f0D00\QP[n0HhQf0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>SRILANKA</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000n0[Yeh0>yO</B>* eSN^f[v[ : 4(gck], 1996, %fy>y, A5-990pp. 35,000yen. <BR> e 00000k0OO00000Nn0>yO0 [YeN^f[n0pK00[W0_0'YWg00^{eSn0bzWv0w0 Ng0n0W,gvj0f0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE LOST CITIES OF CEYLON</B> : G.E. Mitton, 1916, John Murray, London, 22.5cm-310pp. antique 2,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000g0R0f0QHrU00_00}Tvj0zn0HhQf0 0WVh00000QwL0 300000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SINHALESE MONASTIC ARCHITECTURE</B>, The Vih&acirc;ras of Anur&acirc;dhapura [Studies in South asian Culture vol. IV ] : Senake Bandaranayake, 1974, E.J. Brill, Leiden, A4-460pp. antique 28,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000'Yf[n0WS000Sxvz@bk0J0Q00 00000Nf[ 0000000k00000000000n0NYePbzn0 s0}j0xvzbg0~0h00_00n00 Ypen0Vbh00000Qw 320000d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BUDDHIST MONASTIC ARCHITECTURE IN SRI LANKA, The Woodland Shrines</B> : Anuradha Seneviratna, 1992, Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, 28cm-150pp. 2,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000k0J0Q00 (g n0NYePb^{n0xvzn0e0 0000n0^{[ 0000000000k00050g{0i0n0000Qwo00D0~0D0a00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000n0SN^{</B> 0000000_g - 000000gn00[b^{zin0-elh0_CQk0Y00[0J00s0O_elx0n0c : e2z0u'Yf[000^{xvzO, -N]fkvO, 1991, e2z0u'Yf[t]f[^{Sxvz[, A4-300pp. ^XT.</font> <BR> e <font size=2>00000n0;Nj0^{zፒ0[,ngW0_0 Ng0 ]0n0[lSO|0c[W00WS000n0^{bf 0000000 0 0c(uW0j0L000000000n0 0000000[bn0 Tzin0c[_CQ0f0_0R\O0</font><P> </TD></TABLE></CENTER></font><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A>00000<A href="../o_guide/guide.htm">NEXT</B></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD bgcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><BR> <CENTER><font size=2><font color="#707000" face="Book Antiqua">&copy; TAKEO KAMIYA</font><font color="#707000">0y!qe </CENTER> </font><P><BR> </BODY></HTML>