<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>000^{e.sv2 G00000Yeh0]0n0^{0\0^y7fk+Y0\0</TITLE> <META name="keywords" content="000, ^{, S, 00000, ^y7fk+Y"> <META name="description" content=" 0000^{0e.sv2c n00G 00000Yeh0]0n0^{"> <META name="robots" content="index, follow"> <META name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <STYLE>P{line-height:180%;}</STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFE" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"> <font face="0000"><BR> <CENTER><font face="book antiqua" color="#800000" size=3>G. ISLAM AND ITS ARCHITECTURE</font><P> <TABLE border="4" bgcolor=#FBFEFB bordercolor="#555555"> <TD width=60 height=60 align="center"><font size=6 face="Arial"><B>G</B></font></TD> <TD width=350 align="center"><font size=5 face="HGPz|oxE">000p0Yeh0 ]0n0^{</font></TD></TABLE><P> <font size=2>^y7fk+Y</font><P> <A href="xbabur.htm"><IMG src="babu.jpg" border="1" alt="Geeti Sen"></A> <BR> <font face="Century gothic" color="#707000" size=2>"Paintings of the Babur Nama"</font></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><B><font face="century gothic" size=2>BACK</A>00000<A href="../h_rajput/rajput.htm">NEXT</B></font></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD width=580><P><font size=2> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT</B> : Bianca Maria Alfieri, 2000, Laurence King, London, A4-320pp. import 21,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n000000^{0yeQgK00pNg~0g00tkSvk0_0i00j0L00 P0n0^{\OT0s0}k0㉬Y000Q[n0oD0,g0 Federico Borromeo k000Qw 255p0000000g0 [00j,g`0L00VbL0~0c0_0O0!qD0n0L00 Wo0000'Yf[nYec0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN ARCHITECTURE, Its Psychology, Structure and History from the First Muhammadan Invasion to the Present Day</B> : E.B. Havell, 1913, John Murray, London, B5-390pp. reprint 1972, S. Chand, New Delhi, 1,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n0i_:SR0_^vk0yb$RW0_0SS[ 0000k00000000OeQN_n0^{S0 _0`0W0QHrn0^o0g0B000 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN ARCHITECTURE, Vol 2. Islamic India</B> : Percy Brown, 1942, D.B. Taraporevala, Bombay. 29cm-260pp. 3,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000n0S(0Sf[!hk0IYwW0f0 000n0Sh0^{n0xvzk0um0gcR0_0VN00000e0000k000Sn0,{2]g000000BfN0qbF00 Qwo0Y0y0f0}vҞg0B00Vbo0\j0D0L00s0}j0Q[0H0k0 s(Wn0h0S00000^{Sn0zl[Hrh0j0c0f0Hr0͑m0f0D000</font><<P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE IN INDIA</B> : Satish Grover, 1996, Galgotia Publishing, New Delhi, 25cm-190pp. import 9,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000e000000L0e_0k0fD0_0 000^{Sn00000}0 MRVk0ky0f00000VL0\j0O0j0c0_0N00k0 000Qw0YO0D00_00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>LIVING ARCHITECTURE, Islamic India</B> : Andreas Volwahsen, Grosset &amp; Dunlap, New York. 1970, 21.5 x 21.5cm-190pp.<BR> e <font size=2>000n0 OFFICE DU LIVRE >y0-N_k0VQHrU00_0 0NLun0^{c 0000n0񂞊Hr0 K0d0f0SQHr>yK003n0Q_00000g0B00L00S00o03U00f0D0j0D00 W0D00000Qw0Vb0,geK00j0000000j0000e00000^{n0if0 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDO-ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE</B> : Ziyaud-din Desai, 1970, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, B5-110pp. antique 450yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n000000^{n0tkSh00Wei_0!|Tok0iY00\QP[0 0000Qw 48z0000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SOME ASPECRTS OF INDO-ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE</B> : Subhash Parihar, 1999, Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, 28.5cm-295pp. 4,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n000000^{00P00֊eƖ00000Qw1050000|D0Vb 600000d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUSLIM ARCHITECTURE OF SOUTH INDIA</B>, The Sultanate of Ma bar and the Tradi-tions of the Maritime Settlers on the Malabar and Coromandel Coasts (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa) : Mahrdad Shokoohy, 2003, Routledge Curzon, London, 30.5cm-340pp. import 16,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>WS000n000000h0D0H0p0 000000]n00W0D0^{0`D0nmK0y0L0a0`0L00,gfo00000]J00s00000000]n00B0~00w00j0D000000^{0gW0_0impj0xvzfg0B000 Qwo0Y0y0f00000`0L00VbL0J[k0?ceQU00f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BHADRESVAR, the Oldest Islamic Monuments in India</B> : Mehradad Shokoohy, 1988, E.J. Brill, Leiden, A4-130pp. <BR> e <font size=2>MUQARNAS n0X R Studies in Islamic Art and Architecture, vol. 20 000k0J0Q00 T0O0Rgn00000^{ 12N}0000Wen0 00000000 n0S፿g1XJTf0 ckxj0[,nVYpe0?cVh0W000000Qw 500000d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE MANARA IN INDO-MUSLIM ARCHITECTURE</B> * ;Asiatic Society of Pakistan Publication 25.=: A. B. M. Husain, 1970, The Asiatic Society of Pakistan, Dacca, B5-320pp. antique 500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000k0J0Q0000000n0tkSh0 b_00Ypen0[O0_0i00j0L00c00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>JHAROKHA, An Illustrated Glossary of Indo-Muslim Architecture</B> : R. Nath, 1986, The Historical Research Documentation Programme, Jaipur, B5-130pp. 1,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n000000^{k0Y00(uxQ0 ?cVn0peo0ASRg0j0O00f0iW0f0wD0L00XSrn0Wk000R\O0 00000h0D0F0n0o00K0W0k_0n0<P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000Yeh00000Ye</B> WS000Sk0J0Q00[Yeh0>yO : R~gĖ, 1977, \lef, 230pp. 550yen. <BR> e 000k0J0Q00Nd0n0'Y[Yen0]zh0 Y[0[Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000^yqh0]r[r</B> 00000_S;Nh00000 ;S00K00n0NLuS5.=: \7jlKN, 1993,s^Q>y, B6-270pp. 2,800yen. <BR> e 19N}N_n00000h00000n0[ze]zn0000000 0]r[rOwOUL 0 0k0fY000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>MUGHALS & ITS ARCHITECTURE</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE GREAT MOGHULS</B>* : Bamber Gascoigne, 1971, Paperback ed. 1987, Time Books International, New Delhi, B5-260pp. 1,900yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000K0000000000~0g0n0000gn0v^h0]0n0BfN0 \O[n0F{g0cO00 Qw[g0B00+YNn0W0D0QwL0J[k0eQ000f0D00S0h00B0c0f0 Hr0͑m0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BABUR-NAMA, Memoirs of Babur</B> : Zahiru'd-din Muhammad Babur Padsha Ghazi, tr. by Annette Susannah Beveridge, 1921, London, 2vols. reprint 1989, Low Price Publications, Delhi, A5-940pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000gn0RNv^0000k000000000000n0V`2n030 3000000000000k000s0}j0;0nje0"}_0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>00000000n0xvz</B> : ΑN, 1995 -2001, -NpS7RQHr0~gX, 4vols. 26cm-680pp, 500pp, 780pp, 580pp. each 12,000 - 18,000yen. <BR> e Wn0000000h0W0f0n0xvz0ewyxn0cR0SQ0f0QHr0 ,{ 1]o0000000000n00000eW[k000S[j0!h,g0 ,{ 2]o000000k000hQe"}_0 ,{ 3]o0]0n0T3h03l0 ,{ 4]o0Wk000xvz֊eƖ0 000000000 0 L0R0f0e,gg0000F0k0j0c0_00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>PAINTINGS OF THE BABUR NAMA</B> : M.S. Randhawa, 1983, National Museum, New Delhi, A4-160pp. 2,300yen. <A href="xbabur.htm">(sample page)</A><BR> e <font size=2>000gn0RNv^0000n0V`2 000000000 n00000000h0]0n0㉬0 000;u 20g0NQ0h0 0000VHr 350000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HUM&Acirc;Y&Ucirc;N-N&Acirc;MA, the History of Hum&acirc;y&ucirc;n</B> : Gul-Badan Begam (Princess Rose-Body), tr. by Annette S. Beveridge, 1902, London, reprint 1989, Low Price Publications, Delhi, A5-440pp. 1,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0Zn000000L0fD0_00,{ 2Nv^00000n0O0 3k000s0}j0㉬h00'YZSir(@b5n00000Sen0Q0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AKBAR-NAMA</B> : Abu-l-Fazl, Henry Beveridge (tras. From the Persian), 1902-39, Reprint 1989, A Venture of Low Price Publications, Delhi, 3vols, 22cm-730pp. + 610pp. + 1280pp. 1set 5,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>00000000L0fD0_0,{ 3Nv^0000n0w'Yj0O0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE A-IN-I AKBARI</B> : Abul-Fazl Allami, tr. by H. Blochmann and H.S. Jarrett, 1873 -94, Calcutta, 3vols. reprint 1989, Low Price Publiction, Delhi, 2vols. A5-800pp, 540pp. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0O0fD0_000000000k0000S0n0BfNn0000^Vn0V`k0Y00~vyhQfv20</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>AKBAR, THE GREAT MOGUL, 1542-1605</B>* : Vincent A. Smith, 1919, Oxford, reprint 1958, S. Chand &amp; Co., Delhi, A5-410pp. antique 600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>V.A. 000k000 000gn00000^k0d0D0f0n0s0}j0O0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE T&Ucirc;ZUK-I-JAH&Acirc;G&Icirc;R&Icirc;, or Memoirs of Jah&acirc;ng&icirc;r</B> : Alexander Rogers (tr.), Henry Beveridge (ed.), 1909-14, London, 2vols. reprint 1989, Low Price Publications, Delhi, A5-330pp. 1,650yen. <BR> e <font size=2>,{ 4Nv^00000000L0sSMOW0_0t^K00 ,{ 19t^v~0g0n0^Vq}ln00ꁫk00020</font> <P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000^V</B> ;'Y*wmBfNSf II-5.= : 00000e0000000n4l^Nΐ, `l N\+Y3, \7jlKNl, 1984, \lf^, A5-520pp. 5,800yen. <BR> e 16N}n0_JSk0000g0^Ye;mR0W0_00000OXk00000000BfNn0000^Vk0d0D0f0n0͑j0[0 N-36 n0 000000000sVc h0uOQ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000^V</B> ;17e18N}'YeLSf 5.= : 00000e00000HYP[, P0uOP[3, \ T^KNl, 1993, \lf^</font>, A5-490pp. 5,700yen. <font size=2>\le^ 2001, 2vols. each 760yen.)<BR> e 1655t^K00 13t^k00_0c0f00000eW0_0 0000Nn0;S+^0eL[n00000L000^V_k0WW0_0 00000000BfNn0000^Vn0?elh0eSn0^{j0[0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000v^tkN</B> : 00000000000, \ T^KNvO, gh]w3, 2009, uRCQ>y, 22cm-360pp. 4,200yen. <BR> e 000v^h0D0c0f00 000n0000g`0Q0g0j0O00 00000n0q_0SQ0f0bzW0_0sg 0 n0tkNn0T;N0NNZ0d0S0 NR0f09}NW0_0 000000j0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000Sn0e</B> : q\0u{, 1997, gee^>y, B6-320pp. 2,900yen. <BR> e 000gn0^{h00}[;u0֊X0j0L00 SNqgn0S0SgqY00kSSn0e0 D00Sn0-Nk0evj0cBl_h0f[X00[000</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE, An Outline of its History and Development</B>* (1526 -1858) : Ebba Koch, 1991, Prestel-Verlag, Munich, B5-160pp. 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>J[j0Qwh0Vb0D00_0000^{Sg0000000j0L00 Q[EQ[W0f0D000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><A href="xkoch.htm"><IMG src="koc.jpg" border="1" alt="Mughal Architecture"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUGHAL ARCHITECURE & GARDENS</B> : George Michell & Amit pasricha, 2011, 32cm-400pp. 5,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000000k000000^{n0ih00000000000n0돛Rn0B0000000000QwƖ0000n0SfQHr00d0D0k0S0n0000k00RTW0_0K0h0ahamD00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARCHITECTURE OF MUGHAL INDIA</B>* [The New Cambridge History of India 1-4.] : Catherine B.Asher, 1992, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, B5-400pp. 2,900yen. import 16,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n0eW0D0000So00000BfNN_0 4^ 31]g0QHrY00S0h0k0j0c0_00 S0n0000^{Sn0,go0]0n0Qn0 1]g000000'Yf[n0sYAmSS[ 00000L0bS_W0_00 VHro0Y0y0f000000</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SHAHJAHANABAD, The Sovereign City in Mughal India 1639-1739</B>* [Cambridge South Asian Studies 49.] : Stephen P. Blake, 1993, Paperback ed. Cambridge University Press, 21.5cm-240pp. 1,300yen<BR> e <font size=2>000000000^L0^-W0_0e 000000000000 s(Wn000000000 n000000j0e-MnK00 ^n0L}n0>yOvj0tPb~0g0 s0}k0֊X0_0xvzf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>SOME ASPECTS OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE</B> : R. Nath, 1976, Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, A4-280pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>G-14 n0Wn0000k000 000^{k0d0D0f0n0 21}n0֊eƖ0 }vҞVHr 480000d0Q000</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HISTORY OF DECORATIVE ART IN MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE</B> * : R. Nath, 1976, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, A5-260pp. import 1,200yen. import 3,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2> TX0O0000L0 000^{n0ňl00 P0n0ň0000k0d0D0f0iY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE MAJESTY OF MUGHAL DECORATION, The Art and Architecture of Islamic India</B> : George Michell, 2007, Thames & Hudson, London, 30cm-290pp. 4,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000g Nn0ňS00000^{0]00}[;un00}k00_0c0f0 300gN Nn0000Qwk0ƖbW00J e0000n0㉬0d0Q0_0'YWSfh0Y000 S0n0S,go0000n0 India Book House L0QHrW0_0 MUGHAL STYLE, 20070</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>BUILDING CONSTRUCTION IN MUGHAL INDIA, The Evidence from Painting</B> : Ahsan Jan Qaisar, 1988, Oxford University Press, Delhi, B5-90pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000BfNn00}[;uk0s00^-]Nof00h0k00S_Bfn0]N0]wQ0Pge0bS0c00 0000+T0VHr 22I0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUGHAL AND RAJPUT PAINTING</B>* [The New Cambridge History of India 1-3.] : Milo Cleveland Beach, 1992, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 25cm-250pp. 2,900yen. import 10,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000[^h0000000n00}[;un0tkS0cO00000000n0eW0D0000S0000n0 1Q0 000Ss00000VHrYpe0</font><P><BR> </TD></TABLE></CENTER></font><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A>00000<A href="../h_rajput/rajput.htm">NEXT</B></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD bgcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><BR> <CENTER><font size=2><font color="#707000" face="Book Antiqua">&copy; TAKEO KAMIYA</font><font color="#707000">0y!qe </CENTER> </font><P><BR> </BODY></HTML>