<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>000^{e.sv2 B000Sh0]0n0tkS0\0^y7fk+Y0\0</TITLE> <META name="keywords" content="000, ^{, S, eS, ^y7fk+Y"> <META name="description" content=" 0000^{0e.sv2c n00B 000Sh0]0n0tkS"> <META name="robots" content="index, follow"> <META name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <STYLE>P{line-height:180%;}</STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFE" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"> <font face="0000"><BR> <CENTER><font face="book antiqua" color="#800000" size=3>B. INDIAN ART AND ITS HISTORY</font><P> <TABLE border="4" bgcolor=#FBFEFB bordercolor="#555555"> <TD width=60 height=60 align="center"><font size=6 face="book antiqua">B</font></TD> <TD width=350 align="center"><font size=5 face="HGPz|oxE">000Sh0 ]0n0tkS</font></TD></TABLE><P> <font size=2>^y7fk+Y</font><P> <A href="xhavel.htm"><IMG src="have.jpg" border="1" alt="E.B. Havell"></A> <BR> <font face="Century gothic" color="#707000" size=2>"The Ideals of Indian Art"</font></CENTER><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><B><font face="century gothic" size=2>BACK</A>00000<A href="../c_archi/archi.htm">NEXT </B></font></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <CENTER><TABLE><TD width=580><P><font size=2> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>9e qg mShQS</B> : ~gS Nΐ}, 1981, qgNS, A5-570pp. 2,900yen. <BR> e 1972t^k0Q_00n0n09eHr0 e,g0dD0f0 gK00000k00~0g0n0T0WWn00SNK00-NNn0SS0Ypen0WF{L0W0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>i qg mSS</B> : :u0u2uN, 1989, Vfb, A5-300pp. 3,800yen. <BR> e 000Wh0-NVWk0J0Q00 ;Nh0W0f0NYeSn0tkS0Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE IDEALS OF THE EAST with Special Reference to the Art of Japan</B> : Kakasu Okakura, 1903, John Murray, London, 18cm-265pp. antique 2,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>Q-k0 "AISA IS ONE." h0fM000000 -NV0 e,g0 TNs^bk0nD0_0 X'Yj0 0000SSc n0f00 \ P)Y_L0񂞊g0fM00000000 000000e0000) L0^e0[[000000n00000000>yK00QHrW0_00 3Ype0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"><B> ART IN EAST AND WEST, An Introduction through Comparisons</B> : Benjamin Rowland, Jr., 1954, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, A5-150pp. antique 7,100yen<BR> e <font size=2> mh0qg mn0S00_0H0Z0wQSOvj0N[n0\OT0&Ny0j0L00kiW0_0 sTmD0ef֊0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0S</B> : NΑgq+Y, 1964, -N.YlQ֊SQHreSxf, 20cm-170pp. 470yen. <BR> e 0000NMRn0000Sn0tkS0!|Tok0SW0_0 000SeQf0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0S</B> : POTx}, 1978, SQHr>y0Sxf, A5-310pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e hTV~0g0+T0_0000T0Wn0zፄ0S(00}n0{0K0NNn0WF{L0W0_0 000SHhQ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0S</B> : ؚ0uO0 NΑgq+Y, 1965, e,gL}ne^>y, 2vols, B4-230+ 250pp. 1set 24,000yen. <BR> e 1963t^k0e,gg0R0f0n0'Y!jj0000SU\L0PU00_00 ,{ 1]0]0n0jV2h0W00,{ 2]k0s0Wn0S0^{n0VHrh0qQk0 S0SN0-NNn0Sn0i0J0U0000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^Sn0;Nh0hs</B> : \,git, 1932, mQe(, A5-240pp. antique 1,200yen. <BR> e SNK00-NNn0SS0_0i00j0L00 000Sn0yrꌒ0U0P000 Qw 28000 1943 ]uPf?b00Q R </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART OF INDIA, Traditions of Indian Sculpture, Painting and Architecture</B>* : Stella Kramrisch, 1954, The Phaidon Press, London, A4-230pp. antique 7,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>!|euj0}k0o0 8In0000;uL00S0~000B0h0o0 180gn00000n0V2h0]0n0㉬K00j000</font> <P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE CULTURE AND ART OF INDIA</B>* : Radhakamal Mukerjee, 1959, George Allen &amp; Unwin Ltd, London, A5-490pp. antique 19,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>k_;Reu};uk0͑p0J0D0_0000000k000impj0000eSS0 46000n00000Qw0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART OF INDIA</B>* : Calambur Sivaramamurti, 1977, Harry N. Abrams, New York, 32 x 25cm-600pp. import 26,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>'YWg0RSD0 0NLun0Sc 0000n0 1Q0 000SS0iY00,geh0Ypen0000VHrn0Nk0 }vҞQwk00000000000000000n0HhQ0]0n0NL0d0D0f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000S</B>* ;\l NLun0S= : 000000000000[l-f0s^\ NOP[3, 2002, \lf^, 22cm-450pp. 4,400Q. <BR> e N,TQ0k0NLun0S0iY00eW0D00000n0000}00sYAmSS[n000000L0gen0w0v00g0 SNK00sN~0g0SY000 j0VHro0Y0y0f00000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART OF INDIA : 1550-1900</B> : John Giy & Deborah Swallo (ed.), 1990, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 29cm-240pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0000000000000S(0000000000L0S5Y00000u};u0000000u};u000000u};u} 200p0000g0S2W0f0㉬0d0Q0_00000Sf0 ]T0+T00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ASPECTS OF INDIAN ART</B> : Pratapaditya Pal (ed.), 1972, E.J. Brill, Leiden, 30cm-290pp. antique 10,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000S(g0 1970t^k0PU00_0000ShQ,n0000000k0cQU00_0֊e 19}0S2W00100000N Nn00000Qw0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>NLun0eSS_</B> : NJ>y.00 'YWn0000Qw0;Nh0Y00ze^{eSn0HhQf0<BR> 00<B>0 ,{ 5 ]</B>0000n0N_h000000[b : -NQgCQ}, 1968, B4-220pp. <BR> 00<B>0 ,{ 10 ]</B>00000n0NLu : MR]O!k}, 1978, B4-220pp. each 2,500yen.</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0VW</B> ;NLun0'Yz 8.= : jS^}, 1988, NJ>y, B4-170pp. 6,000yen. <BR> e 000000000000+T0 000n0SN0-NNn0zፒ0000Qwh0㉬g09}NY00 'YWn0j,g0 </font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000N'Yx</B> ;0000NLuz#u 5.= : 0000NLuz#u0000vO, 1997, NJ>y, A4-300pp. 5,900yen. <BR> e 0000n0NLuz#u eSz#uh06qz#u k0c[U00f0D00 38Nn000000J[j0000Qwh0㉬g09}NY000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xunesco.htm"><IMG src="unesc.jpg" alt="Unesco World Heritage 5. India" border="1"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>YK0j00000</B> ;enoSNS( 9.= : ؚ0uO0ZX0JS'Yb0yq\IQe0 NΑ000R]NZy, 1983, eno>y, B5-140pp. 2,800yen. <BR> e 000Qw0;NSOh0W0f0 000Wn0 ;Nk0SNNYeS09}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^݅S=~</B> : 5vols, 1921- 1927, pS^݅SxvzO, B4$R<BR> e T]h0012/K00j000T/k0o0 5gn0VHrL0㉬d0M0n0}k0eQ000f0D000 hQ]g0 300gn0u};u0k_;R0^{0]n0VHrK00j000} 5Rn0 1L00000 'YckBfNk0QHrU00_0000Sn0VƖg0000000ZSir(n05Th0e,gNn0@b gir0dq_W0_00n0`0L00֊eo0j0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART OF INDIA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA</B> : Hugo Munsterberg, Panorama of World Art, 1970, Harry N. Abrams, New York, 23cm-260pp. <BR> e <font size=2>VHr-N_n0Kbj0 0NLun0Sc 0000n0 1Q0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000 SN0-NN e qgWS000</B>* ;NLuShQƖ 11.= : 1953, s^Q>y, B5-330pp. <BR> e  m-N_h0o0D0H00S_Bfh0W0f0o0_0D0x00*Q0_0ShQƖg0B0c0_00 vk00wvk000^yL}n0LM0J\D0_0Q[h0}Ɩg0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000</B> ;NLuShQƖ 19.= : NΑgq+Y}, 1960, ҉]f^, B5-280pp. <BR> e 0000NMRn00k_Pn0QwƖn00F0j0MRJSh00_JSn000[[0Ɩ0vj0㉬h0K00j000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>NLuS'YhQƖe qg m}</B>0,{ 13] 000  0,{ 14] 000  : ZX0[l-f}, 1999, 2000, \f[(, B4-460pp, 480pp. each 20,000yen. <BR> e jj0000Qw0;NSOh0Y00'YWn0ShQƖg00 N]k0SNS0 N]k00000000000~0g0+T0_0-NNeяNn0S0S00Ypen0WF{L0TRΑn0i0Y000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>HISTORY OF ART</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A HISTORY OF FINE ART IN INDIA AND CEYLON</B> : Vincent A. Smith, 1911, 2nd ed. revised by K.de B. Codrington, 3rd ed. revised by K. Khandalavala, reprint 1969, D.B. Taraporevala, Bombay, A4-420pp. 4,150yen. <BR> e <font size=2>T0O0eD0Bfgk0fK00_0Sg00SNK00000BfN~0g00qbc0_00k_;R0u};u-N_n0SS0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE IDEALS OF INDIAN ART</B> : E.B. Havell, 1911, John Murray, London, 26cm-250pp. antique 9,900yen. <A href="xhavel.htm">(sample page)</A><BR> e <font size=2>000Sk0[Y00S_Bfn000000n0SS[n0OP0Sb4xY0y0O00000Sn0t`;Nk0d0D0f00000L0fD0_0,g0 \ P)Y_n0 0qgen0t`0 k0q_0SQ0_00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>A HANDBOOK OF INDIAN ART</B> : E. B. Havell, 1920, John Murray, London, 23cm-320pp. antique 3,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000k0000SNK00яN~0g0n0 ^{0-N_h0Y00000Sn00!|k0W0f00__0if0 0000Qw0 80000?ceQ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^SS</B> : 0000 K.00000000fk}ΐ0\]woqQ3, 1916, Tu>y, B6-280pp. antique 1,800yen. <BR> e S00o0'Yck 5t^k0 0SSfc n0,{ 9/h0W0f0 RLU00_00 ,ggRn0000SSn0,gh0`000L00_n0-fT 6t^ 1930 k0\]won0XSr3h0W0f0SSf RLOK00Q RU00_00 T0O0!|Oj0ifg0B000Q[03h00SD00 SWo0 1913t^QHrn0 "ARTS AND CRAFTS OF INDA AND CEYLON"0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^Ss0qgWSN0}NSS</B> : 000000000q\,gzfYe3, 1944, SwmQHr>y, B5-450pp. antique 10,000yen. <BR> e SW "HISTORY OF INDIAN AND INDONESIAN ART" n0QHro0 1927t^h0SO00~0_00000N_o0+T~0j0D0L0^W0qbc0f0D00n0g0 B0~00sW0O0o0j0D00 0000Qw 400g0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^S</B> : 00000e00p00We[N3, 1943, 0000>y, B5-310pp. antique 7,000yen. <BR> e 000S0tkSvk0g0o0j0O00]0n0 }0yr'`n0bK00SW0f0D00if0 SWo0 1925t^n00n0g0B00 30SD0L00Ng000k0$PY000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>pS^SS</B> : 8hh0ؚ0uO, 1944, uR>y, B5-350pp. antique 5,000yen. <BR> e hQ000n0'YJS0SNNYeSk0B0f000000Yen0So0 0weuY000'Yj00/e0j0D0c h0W000000go0hQO0S0B0R0j0D0h0D0F0 'Yƀj0000SS0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000e000</B> ^yqh0a_ : 000000e000000[,gSUN3, 1988, [00K0f?b, B6-300pp. 2,800yen. <BR> e 53Mbg0N0Sc0_0f[n000000Yen0^yqh0S\OT0-N_k0000000eS֊0 00000'Yf[g0n0200h0k0 {k_n0 1946t^k0 RLU00_00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART OF INDIAN ASIA, Its Mythology and Transformations</B> : Heinrich Zimmer, 1955, New York, paperback ed. 1983, Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2vols. (text and plates), B5-470pp.+ 550pp. 1set 5,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>MRcfh0 TX0O0 'Yf[g0n000h0k0W0_0{k_n0QHrg00 0000NMRn0SN0-NNn0000h0qgWS000n0S0iY000 V2k0o0} 700In00000Qw0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF INDIA, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain</B>* [The Pelican History of Art ] : Benjamin Rowland, 1953, Revised 3rd ed. 1967, paperback ed. 1970, Penguin Books, London, A5-510pp. import 4,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000SS0000n0-Nn0 0000n0Sh0^{c 0 qgWS0000+T0f0 0000OeQNMRn0000SS0SW0_0jnvj0S0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT</B>* [The Pelican History of Art] : J.C. Harle, 1986, Penguin Books, London, A5-600pp. Paperback ed. import 5,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000SSn0eHro0WL000000K00000k0N0c0f00qgWS000n0z0dYW00K000k00000^{n0z0RH0_00 ,{ 2Hr 1994 g0o0 YO0n0QwL0000k0j0c0_00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000SS</B>* : [l-f, 1981, T]_e(, A5-240pp. 4,350yen. <BR> e s(W^U00f0D00NjuKbj0000SSg0B00L00D0~0`0k0NYeS-N_g0B0000000S00000So0O0qb00f0D000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART OF ANCIENT INDIA</B>* : Susan L. Huntington, 1985, Weather Hill, New York, Tokyo, B5-790pp. import 11,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000n0sYAmSS[0000000L0 HQf[_0a0n0000SSn0xvz0Ɩ'YbW0_0S0 0000NMRn0}Tvj0000SSh0W0f0o0 s(Wn0h0S00g0sW0O0O)Rg0 O<P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000SS'Y</B> : q\,gzfYe, 1990, kee^>y, 0,ge}c h0 0Qw}c n0 2vols, A4-460pp.+ 360pp. 1set 31,500yen. <BR> e S000000SSh0F0c0f0o0D00L00Q[vk0o0{0h00i0NYeSSg0B000 ]0n0{Vg0o0'Y Yk0sW0D0xvzfg00&bMRK00WL0dq_W0f0M0_0}vҞQw} 2,000g0V2k0S000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>PARTICULARS</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ROCK-ART OF INDIA, Paintings and Engraving</B>* : K.K. Chakravarty (ed.), 1984, Arnold-Heinemann, New Delhi, 25cm-360pp. antique 1,200yen. <BR> e <font size=2>*YSn0000n0mzX;uh0k_;R0} 30Nn0xvzL0֊X00} 80000n0000VHr0 [0_00S0n0RΑn0͑j0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN SCULPTURE AND PAINTING</B> : E.B. Havell, 1908, John Murray, London, B5-380pp. antique 5,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000SS[ 0000k000 000n0k_;Reu};uS0 S0n0}}L0 "The Ideals of Indian Art."</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART AND SWADESHI</B> : Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, 1911, Reprint 1994, Munshiram Manoharlal, New Delhi, 22cm-150pp. 750yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000n0hL֊e0+T0 13{n0000S֊eƖ0 0000VHr0 18I0NQ00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE DANCE OF SHIVA</B> : Ananda Coomaraswamy, 1948, Asia Publishing House, Bombay, A5-200pp. antique 950yen. <BR> e <font size=2>SS[n00000000L0N0Sc0_0t^k0 |_n0000eS֊ 14}0Q2W0_0f0 000e000L0^e0[[0000000VHr 220000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>EXPLORING INDIA'S SACRED ART</B> : Stella Kramrisch, 1983, reprint 1994, Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, A4-370pp. import 2,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1993t^k0N0Sc0_000000u~00n0Nhv000SS[0000e0000000n0֊e0 00000S. 000n0}Ɩk000 16}0S00|_sYn0O0mH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN SCULPTURE</B> [The Heritage of India Series] : S. Kramrisch, 1933, Y.M.C.A. Publishing House, Calcutta, Oxford University Press, London, B6-340pp. antique 1,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>sYAmSS[000e0000000k000 000k_;RSn0SxQv TW0</font><P> ->0<font size=2>C-53.0BHARATIYA VASTU-SASTRA SERIES, vol.2 : D.N. Shukla, 1958</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000S֊</B> : NΑgq+Y, 1973, s^Q>y, A5-550pp. 3,800yen. antique 23,000yen. <BR> e 000SS[n0WL0N'Yf[0[W0_0_0]00~0g0n0֊e 25}0~0h00f0Nfk0}0`00n00 NYeS0000000Yen0Sk0Rp0J0D0f0D00h0S00L0 e,gg0o0sW0D00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HELLENISM IN ANCIENT INDIA</B>* : Gauranga Nath Banerjee, 1919, Revised ed. 1920, Calcutta, Probsthain, London, A5-340pp. antique 600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>SN000eSn00^{0o0X00h0Y000000x0n0 00000n0q_0֊X000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>L'INDE ET L'ORIENT CLASSIQUE</B> [Publications du Mus&eacute;e Guimet, Documents d'Art et d'Arch&eacute;ologie, tome I.] : Gisbert Combaz, 1937, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, Paris, 2vols. (text and plates), B5-270pp.+ 220pp. antique 1set 21,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0Sh0^{k0s0000000 000000000000 00000000j0i0000n0 b_h0kW0f00]0n0q_O0y0_0 0000h0SN00000c 0 VHro0Y0y0f0KbfM0n000000</font><BR><BR> <CENTER> <A href="xorient.htm"><IMG src="orien.jpg" border="1" alt="L'Inde et l'Orient Classique"></A></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ANCIENT INDIAN ART AND THE WEST</B>* : Irene N. Gajjar, 1971, D.B. Taraporevala, Bombay, A4-190pp. antique 4,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>HQSBfNK00SNk0K0Q0f0n0000Sn00000h000000 000n0]00h0kW0_0impj0xvzf0 KbfM0n00000 286p00000Qw 120000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ROYAL PATRONS AND GREAT TEMPLE ART</B> : Vidya Dehejia (ed.), 1988, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-140pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>-NNn0[bn0^{0k_;Rn0zvU\k0o0s[n0[2L0 kK0[0j0K0c0_00 ]0F0W0_0 9d0n0NO00000000Y000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE IMPULSE TO ADORN, Studies in Traditional Indian Architecture</B> : Saryu Doshi (ed.), 1982, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-160pp. antique 850yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000^{n0U0~0V0~0j0ňn000000 0WeT0h0k000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>VISVAKARMA, Examples of Indian Archiecture, Sculpture, Painting, Handicraft</B> : Anand K. Coomaraswamy, 1978, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, New Delhi, 28.5cm-130pp. 800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>^yq Nn0^{[0S[g0B00000000000n0 Tn00h0k0 0000000L0x0`0 104n0k_Pn00000QwƖh0]0n0㉬0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000VzZSir(</B> ;NLun0ZSir( 20.= : :u0u2uN}, NJ>y, A4-180pp. 3,000yen. <BR> e 000000h000000n0VzZSir(n0S5T0000g09}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ESSENCE OF INDIAN ART</B> : B.N. Goswamy, 1986, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, A4-280pp. import 6,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000h00000k0J0Q00000myn0Nth0W0f0PU00_0 'Y!jj0 0000SU\c n0*Q0_000000 000S0tkSvk0g0o0j0O00SN000n0St֊f 000000e000000c k000 9d0n0`ak0_c0f0 220pn0u};uh0k_;R\OT0MRW00f0D0m0D0j0㉬0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>GODS, GUARDIANS, AND LOVERS, Temple Sculptures from North India A.D. 700- 1200</B>* : Vishakha N. Desai, Darielle Mason (ed.), 1993, The Asia Society Galleries, New York; Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, A4-290pp. 5,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>-NNMRgn0-N000K00000k0K0Q0f0n0 [bk_;Rn0U\On000000_JSk0W00MRJSk0peNn0f[L0}֊0fD0_0j,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000n0w</B> 0000zv : q\]), 1988, Nfb, Softcover 2328.5cm-160pp. 3,800yen. <BR> e ^{0;Nh0Y00 000n0wn0 b_irn0000QwƖ0</font><BR><BR> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#608797" width=580 height=45 align="center"><font face="Book Antiqua" color="#FFFFFF" size=4>FOLK ART</font></TD></TABLE></CENTER><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>TRIBAL INDIA, Ancestors, Gods, and Spirits</B> : Saryu Doshi (ed.), 1992, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-140pp. 3,150yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000T0Wn0ek000 }4gS0 Ypen0VHrk00c0f09}NY00a</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN PRIMITIVE ART</B> : Ajit Mookerjee, 1959, Oxford Book &amp; Stationery, Calcutta, A4-80pp. antique 320yen. <BR> e <font size=2>T0Wn0lOk_;R0]00000Qwh0h00k09}NY000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS OF INDIA</B> : George C.M. Birdwood, 1880, Chapman & Hall, London, reprint 1971, British Book Company, A5-440pp. antique 5,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>NK00 120t^0MRk0QHrU00_00000000k000000n0Kb]n0xvzf0 00000n0|[j0VHr 900000NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN FOLK ART</B> : Heinz Mode and Subodh Chandra, 1985, Edition Leipzig, Taraporevala, Bombay, 27 x 25cm-310pp. antique 8,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>sN000n0lOS0]0 00000n0J[j0Qwh0h00k09}NY000 000 68g00000 122g0]0n0N 206V0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARTS AND CRAFTS OF INDIA</B> : Nicholas Barnard, 1993, Paperback ed. 1995, 28 x 24cm-190pp. import 3,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>sNk0~0g0O00T.zn0000]S0 ROBYN BEECHE k000000000n0Qw 250gh0h00k0OH000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>NATIONAL HANDICRAFTS AND HANDLOOMS MUSEUM</B>* : Jyotindra Jain, Aarti Agarwala, 1989, Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, A4-220pp. 2,700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000000n00000S(n0S5T09}NW0j0L00 000n0lOS0iY00 N,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000l</B> lOn0K0_0a0 : \ckwc, 1977, (g3>y, B6-200pp. 2,000yen. <BR> e 000k0 3t^n(WW0_0WL00;Nk000000Wen0lOh0lT0]0W0f0]000\O0N0k0d0D0f000 Qwo0PO䅗[*Yΐ0</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>0000'Y0Wn0lO;u</B> : l[_ Qw , \ckwc ㉬ , 2001, *geg>y, 30cm-180pp. 6,800yen. <BR> e 000T0Wn0Qgk0J0Q00 lOX;uh0^u}n0Oq}0OH00 0000000n0'YWQwƖ0 0000000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>Hy0h0h00k0B00b_</B> 000n0:RM~0gh0l;u g[s, 2009, 0Y0Z0f?b, 22cm-290pp. 5,400yen. <BR> e 000000000u};u000000000000n0:RM~000000k0d0D0f0n0`Ɩ0 </font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>DECORATIVE ART OF INDIA</B> [The Studio Library of Decorative Art] : Susan Stronge, 1990, Studio Editions, London, B4-215pp. 2,800yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0^{0]n0ň0000n0'YW000VƖ0 TVHro0 19N}k0QHrU00_0peQn0firK00n00</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000gT~S</B> : `u-NIQN}W, 1993, Nfb, A4-380pp. 35,000yen. <BR> e e,g;u[n0}L0000g0SƖW0_0 455pn0^0000000g0S2W00-NQU}P[L0㉬0d0Q000</font><P> ->0<font size=2>Q-61.0000gT~n0e : 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000VHr}100pn0f^o0D0~0D0a0`0L00f_j0k00c0f00eQfh0W0f0gin0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>INDIAN PAINTING, from Cave Temples to the Colonial Period</B> : Joan Cummins, 2006, MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) Publications, Boston, paperback 26.5 x 24cm-250pp. antique 2,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n00}[;un0tkS0|q}vk0SW00000000n0VHr0 375pc W0_0Sf0 ]0n0Wyo00K0d0f00000S(k0\ P)Y_h0h00k0(WM|W0_000000000n0000000k0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>MUGHAL AND RAJPUT PAINTING</B>* [The New Cambridge History of India 1-3.] : Milo Cleveland Beach, 1992, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 25cm-250pp. 2,900yen. import 10,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000[^h0000000n00}[;un0tkS0cO00000000n0eW0D0000S0000n0 1Q0 000Ss00000VHrYpe0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>RAJPUT PAINTING</B>, Being an Account of the Hindu Paintigs of Rajasthan and the Panjab Himalayas from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century Described in their Relation to Contemporary Thought with Texts and Translations : Ananda Coomaraswamy, 1916, London, Rep. 1975, Hacker Art Books, New York, 34.5cm-250pp. antique 8,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000gn0q_0SQ0j0L000rn0zvU\0h0R0_00000n000000000 00000000L0R0f0|q}vk0SW0080pяO0n0u}0S2W0_0'YW,gn0_;RHr0 VHro0Y0y0f000000</font><P> <IMG src="../aka.jpg"> <font size=2><B>000[^u};u</B> : `u-NIQN, 1994, Nfb, B5-250pp. 9,800yen. <BR> e e,g;u[g0B00Wn0ƖT0-N_h0W0_0 0000000n0000;uƖk0}0d0Q000</font><P> ->0<font size=2>R-97.0000 0000000{^` : q\0uT, 1996, s^Q>y</font><BR> ->0<font size=2>Q-19.0000n00}[;u0*m0f0EmS ff, 2006, 2vols, e</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>HUMAYUN'S GARDEN PARTY, Princes of the House of Timur and Early Mughal Painting</B> : Sheila Canby (ed.), 1994, Marg Publications, 33cm-150pp. 4,300yen. <BR> e <font size=2>'YZSir(@b5n00hLn00000000k0d0D0f0n00000000CQk0W0_0,g0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE EMPERORS' ALBUM, Images of Mughal India</B>* : Stuart Cary Welch et alt., 1987, Metropoli-tan Museum of Art, New York, A4-320pp. antique 5,000yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000000S(g0PU00_0 000gn00}[;u 000000000000 n0U\On0V20K0m0_0jSf0</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE ART OF THE BOOK IN INDIA</B>* : Jeremiah P. Losty, 1982, The British Library, 27.5cm-160pp. antique 4,400yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1982t^k0VVf(g0PU00_00000n0 ,gSh00}[;un0U\On0Q[0,gk0W0_00n00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>THE BOOK IN INDIA, A Compilation</B> : B.S. Kesavan, 1986, enlarged ed. 1992, National Book Trust, New Delhi, 27.5cm-100pp. 700yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000n0firh0i_rQ,gn0tkS00eW[0Pge0,gbS0+T0s0}k000 MRcfK00n0VHrn0 L0B000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ISLAMIC PAINTING AND THE ARTS OF THE BOOK</B> : B.W. Robinson (ed.), 1976, Faber and Faber, London, 28.5cm-530pp. antique 3,500yen. <BR> e <font size=2>0000h00000-N_h0Y00 00000n00}[;un00000e00000000 000 4400000000 157000n0VHr0S2W00s0}j0㉬0d0Q000</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ART OF MODERN INDIA</B>* : Balraj Khanna and Aziz Kurtha, 1998, Thames and Hudson, A4-140pp. import 5,100yen. <BR> e <font size=2>000k0J0Q00sNu};un0zvU\0020N}R0n000000WeK00 90t^Nn0zSO\OT~0g0_0i00;N֊eh0 j0000;uƖ0 74Nn0\O[n09}N0NY00</font><P> <IMG src="../mido.jpg"> <B>ARTISTS TODAY, East-West Visual Arts Encounter</B> : U. Bickelmann and N. Ezekiel (eds.), 1987, Marg Publications, Bombay, 33cm-140pp. 1,600yen. <BR> e <font size=2>1983t^k00000g0000h0'kn0;u[0k_;R[peASNL0Ɩ~0c0f0 0qgSn0QOD0c h0LY00U\Oh0֊O0PW0_00 ,gfo0]0n0zvh0\OTn020<P><BR> </TD></TABLE></CENTER></font><P> <CENTER><A href="../biblio.htm#contents"><font face="century gothic" size=2><B>BACK</A>00000<A href="../c_archi/archi.htm">NEXT</B></font></A></CENTER> <CENTER><TABLE><TD BGcolor="#776699" width=580 height=11></TD></TABLE></CENTER><BR> <CENTER><font size=2><font color="#707000" face="Book Antiqua">&copy; TAKEO KAMIYA</font><font color="#707000">0y!qe </CENTER> </font><P><BR> </BODY></HTML>