(From "Le Corbusier, Oeuvre Complète 1952-57", Zurich)
1 The Secretariat Le Secrétariat (Le Palais des Ministères)
2 The Parliament (Assembly) Le Palais d'Assemblée (Le Parlement)
3 The Tower of Shadow La Tour des Ombres
4 The Martyrs' Memorial Le Monument des Martyrs
5 Governor's Palace Le palais du Gouverneur
6 Governor's Garden Les Jardins Privés du Gouverneur
7 The Open Hand La Main Ouverte
8 The High Court Le Palais de la Haute Cour

The model of the Governor's Palace
(From "Le Corbusier, Oeuvre Complète 1952-57, Zurich)
The model of the Museum of Knowledge
(From "Le Corbusier, Oeuvre Complète vol.8", 1970, Zurich)

Le Corbusier progressed in the design of the Governor's Palace (No.5 on the master plan), providing principal drawings and a model (upper photo). However, the construction was discontinued after finishing only its foundations, and its superstructure was not to be continued.
Le Corbusier, in his last years, formed a scheme to build a throughly different facility on the foundations, the Museum of Knowledge, making a model (lower photo), which also has no odds to be materialized. (Even if it is actualized, this design would not attract the attention of world architects any longer.)