The most beautiful map of Chandigarh I have ever seen,
based on the matured Master Plan of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier.
I bought it forty years ago in Chandigarh. Size = 30 x 40 cm
Black circled figures refer to the Number of the Sectors.
Red letters and circled figures indicate:
A  Capitol Complex (Sector 1) 1  Rock Garden (Sector 1)
B   Sukhna Lake (artificial lake) 2  Lake Club (Sector 1)
C  Green Zone 3  Governmental Museum (Sector 10)
D  Punjab Univercity (Sector 14) 4  Gandhi Bhawan and
    Student Center (Sector 14)
E  City Center
    (Commercial and Public Zone)
5   Bus Terminal (Sector 17)
F  Industrial Center 6   Tagorh Theater (Sector 18)
G   Railroad StationiChandigarhj 7   Cinema Kiran (Sector 22)