The Exhibition Pavilion (Art Gallery) added to the Government Museum of
Chandigarh, 1990, designed by Le Corbusier, constructed posthumously.
This is the facility for special exhibitions apart from the
permanent one. The original concept of this building goes
back to the 'Project Porte Maillot 50' in 1950 (the figure below).

While the 'Pavillon Le Corbusier' in Zurich, Switzerland, based on that
prototype was erected with steel structure in 1967, this is made of
reinforced concrete in the same form. On the right is his favorite ramp.
Le Corbusier also proposed this form of exhibition pavilion in the site
of the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo from the outset.
However, it was not executed, and entirely different exhibition rooms
were constructed underground the front garden in 1998.

Project "Porte Maillot 50"
(From "Le Corbusier Oeuvre Complète 1946-52", Zurich)