CHANDIGARH, The Making of an Indian City : Ravi Kaslia
Oxford University Press, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai
1987, 23cm x 15.5cm, 201pp. figures in 12pp.
Depicting the planning and implementation of the city of Chandigarh in detail

Celebrating CHANDIGARH : Jaspreet Takhar (ed.), 2002.
Mapin Publishing, 21.5cm x 21.5cmA455pp, a few figures
Documenting an international conference about Chandigarh,
celebrating the 50th year after the planning of the new city.

hANQh Architectura & Natura Quarterly, Amsterdam
'Document CHANDIGARH, Forty Yesars after Le Corbusier'
1992, 32cm x 24cm, 67pp, English, a lot of color photos.
Analyzing the real state of the city with a critical angle on Le Corbusierfs plan.